The Story Behind Gillian and Ians’ Wedding Feelz Film 

First and foremost, Gillian and I didn’t think much about having a videographer on our wedding day, mainly due to the cost involved. We thought it wouldn’t really add anything to our day. And the number of generic videos we had seen didn’t convince us otherwise.

How wrong can you be? 

Mark very kindly offered to help out and although his years of expertise are in a corporate video field, we thought it was too much of an amazing offer to pass up. 

As much as I like to portray myself as the archetypal Scottish man, I had the most emotional connection to everything on the day. Mark saw it all and somehow captured it. 

I say “somehow”, but that’s where his art, expertise and flair are invaluable. 

He knew when a shot might crop up and had everything in place to capture it. 

We sat at our wedding breakfast the following morning with all the guests that stayed over and watched the short video that Mark had prepared through the night as we all had a great time at the Ceilidh. 


I had chills watching it, I felt as emotional as I had on the day. Gillian and I both couldn’t believe the quality of the video, it was like our own big screen movie of our special day. The professional way in which Mark has captured the atmosphere of our ceremony and evening reception is quite remarkable and unlike anything we have ever seen. 

We love Mark. We love his passion, the need for perfection, his patience and his flair for something unlike anything we have both experienced.

What Mark does is not anything ordinary, it’s extraordinary, in every way possible. 

Thanks again for being part of our day and giving us such a beautiful gift to cherish as the years roll by and our memories fade.

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