Fiona and Grant Longstaff

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Not everyone plans on having a wedding video

Fiona and Grant had their mind changed on not having a wedding video when they spoke to a friend. She explained that, while you’ll always have your photos to look back on, there’s something magical about re-watching your wedding film.

Pauline, Oran Mor’s wedding co-ordinator, put them in touch with me and I arranged to create their Wedding Feelz film

The wedding was equal parts serious, when it needed to be, full of fun most of the time, and emotional when it mattered.

The Quick Turnaround

I worked hard into the night after the wedding and again, early the next morning. I was able to send them their Wedding Feelz film by 9am the morning after their wedding. This meant they could share the experience of watching it with close family who’d travelled from across Scotland and the north of England, before everyone returned home.

Here’s what they had to say about choosing a Wedding Feelz Film.

Fiona’s review on the Wedding Feelz Facebook Page

“We can’t recommend Mark at Wedding Feelz highly enough.

First of all, he’s just a lovely guy. Not over the top or showy like some of the people you meet at wedding fairs, just a nice bloke who you know is going to do a great job!

Mark knows what he’s doing. I wanted a wedding video to look back on for years to come and I can’t enthuse enough about how Mark perfectly catches the tone and emotion of the day. I feel like the personalities of all involved are clear to see.

I also don’t really remember seeing Mark much throughout the day, other than grabbing a quick word here and there. I had no idea he had asked some people to do a wee message to the bride and groom and that was such a lovely surprise when we watched it back.

We had our wedding video the very next day! We could then share this with a few family members who were unable to make it to the wedding and also share with both sets of parents before jetting off on honeymoon.

I have watched the video so many more times than I’ve looked at any pictures since. Book Mark, you won’t regret it!”