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Remember your wedding day. With emotion.

Wedding films with emotion. I want you to be able to watch your wedding video in 5, 10 or 20 years and still feel that well of emotion bubble up inside you. Capturing the human element of a wedding is what I’m passionate about, coupled with eye-catching cinematography.

My god, we are sat here in floods of tears after watching this 3 times!!! What a phenomenal wedding video and we feel so lucky that you were there to capture some of the best bits of the day. We absolutely love it! Can’t thank you enough.
— Fiona Longstaff

Watch my most recent Wedding Feelz film below, the wedding of Fiona and Grant Longstaff.

I wanted a wedding video to look back on for years to come and I can’t enthuse enough about how Mark perfectly catches the tone and emotion of the day.
— Fiona Longstaff



It all started when…

I shot a video for close friends*. One evening they told me they’d looked into getting a videographer for their wedding, but were hesitant due to the cost. I’ve been making videos in a corporate setting since 2008. I know my way around a camera, both for photos and videos. So, I - without really thinking it through - told them I’d make their wedding film as a gift.

Then reality struck…

I was a guest at the wedding, but I was working also. While wearing a kilt. And a tweed waistcoat. But, armed with two Canon DSLRs, a gimbal, tripods and LED video lights, I shot loads of footage.

And at 11pm that night, while the rest of the guests were merry and mirthful, I retired to the hotel bedroom to start work. By 1am I’d created a short film of the day, partnered with some quietly rousing music. The idea was for my friends to have something to watch while we all had breakfast in the hotel the following morning.

I discovered I’d captured emotions. “Wedding Feelz”…

At breakfast the newly married couple, who are not only my friends but my fiance’s brother and best friend, huddled around an iPhone, and amidst plates of Scottish cooked breakfasts and rapidly cooling coffees, they watched what I’d made for them.

And, as the saying goes, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

You see, it’s my opinion that, while technically proficient camera work that’s always razor sharp and epically colour-graded is great, capturing the emotion of a wedding day is the key.

Watching your Wedding Feelz film on your 10th anniversary and getting that warm bubble of emotion stir deep inside is my passion and goal. In addition to that, I have the equipment, knowledge and experience to get those epic, cinematic shots. But the focus on your wedding day, for me, will always be to preserve the laughter, the tears of joy and the celebration in a video you can watch over and over again.

I had chills watching it, I felt as emotional as I had on the day.
— Gillian Paterson


I think it is edited exceptionally, the music is all perfect for a build-up. The video is relaxed, fun and also emotional at the required points. It’s fab.
— Pauline Muir - Wedding Co-ordinator - Oran Mor

The Wedding Feelz Package

Below is the footage I’ll capture for your Wedding Feelz:

  • Bride and bridesmaid(s) preparations

  • Groom and bestman (groomsmen) arrival at the wedding

  • Guests arrival at the venue

  • Venue footage

  • Ceremony footage

  • Register signing footage

  • Shots of the bride and groom after the official photographs have been taken

  • Speeches footage

  • Cutting of the cake footage

  • First dance footage

  • Short to-camera well wishes from family and guests

  • Video edit delivered via Dropbox or WeTransfer for you to download and share

Total cost £800.

And there’s more!

I aim to have your finished video edit with you within 48 hours of the wedding day. That means you get to relive your amazing wedding while on your honeymoon. And remember to check out my deal which is available to just 3 couples who book in 2019!

Get in touch to learn more about the Wedding Feelz package. Just fill out the wee form below and I’ll get back to you. 

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We sat at our wedding breakfast the following morning with all the guests that stayed over and watched the short video that Mark had prepared through the night.
— Ian Paterson

The Story Behind Gillian and Ians’ Wedding Feelz Film 

First and foremost, Gillian and I didn’t think much about having a videographer on our wedding day, mainly due to the cost involved. We thought it wouldn’t really add anything to our day. And the number of generic videos we had seen didn’t convince us otherwise.

How wrong can you be? 

Mark very kindly offered to help out and although his years of expertise are in a corporate video field, we thought it was too much of an amazing offer to pass up. 

As much as I like to portray myself as the archetypal Scottish man, I had the most emotional connection to everything on the day. Mark saw it all and somehow captured it. 

I say “somehow”, but that’s where his art, expertise and flair are invaluable. 

He knew when a shot might crop up and had everything in place to capture it. 

We sat at our wedding breakfast the following morning with all the guests that stayed over and watched the short video that Mark had prepared through the night as we all had a great time at the Ceilidh. 


I had chills watching it, I felt as emotional as I had on the day. Gillian and I both couldn’t believe the quality of the video, it was like our own big screen movie of our special day. The professional way in which Mark has captured the atmosphere of our ceremony and evening reception is quite remarkable and unlike anything we have ever seen. 

We love Mark. We love his passion, the need for perfection, his patience and his flair for something unlike anything we have both experienced.

What Mark does is not anything ordinary, it’s extraordinary, in every way possible. 

Thanks again for being part of our day and giving us such a beautiful gift to cherish as the years roll by and our memories fade.

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